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Sayulita Sailing - Darrin Rath - 322-142-8372
Sayulita Travel - Eduardo Rojero - 322-278-5678
Fidels tours - Fidel ponce cruz - 322-132-5115
chica locca magical tours - Gil Doory - 329-291-2065
Painted Ponies Equestrian Center - Pat - 322-180-6258
Rancho Mi Chaparrita - Rancho Mi Chaparrita - 329- 291-3112 y 329-298-2559

Vacation Tours

Experiences make for a memorable vacation but hopefully only happy ones.  While traveling in Mexico can be exhilarating, it can also be confusing and frustrating if the proper plans haven’t been made.  That’s why formal tours are such a valuable commodity, since they’re organized by guides who know the region and the activity well. Unless travelers are highly skilled at certain vacation activities, they can put themselves at risk of injury, which can nullify any earlier happy memories.  Organized vacation tours reduce the risk and increase the fun of activities, such as jungle tours, jet ski safaris, nature hikes, mountain biking, horseback riding, ATV four wheeling, zip line canopy tours, and more.  Let the Sayulita tour experts add to your safety and enjoyment!

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