Sayulita Thai Massage in Mexico

Sayulita Thai  Massage Summer Special

Treat yourself to something special this summer like a Sayulita Thai Massage! This is all about having a private and amazing Thai Massage with Alejandra! WOW! What a terrific way to pamper yourself in Sayulita Mexico.

Alejandra is getting ready to take off the end of August until next November.2013…so check out this Sayulita Thai Massage special and get in while she is still here in town!

Sayulita Thai Massage with Alejandra Montoya

A Sayulita Thai Massage Therapist, Alejandra has been a certified Massage Therapist since 2008, specializing in the art of Thai Yoga massage, and also Swedish massage.
Massage following the line of Asokananda, the founder of the Sunshine School of Thai Yoga Massage.
She’s been living in Sayulita for over a year and sharing her Sayulita massage practice since 2010.
“I find Body Work to be and inspiration to take care of my body, mind and spirit that allows me to inspire others to do the same for themselves.”

Alejandra is getting ready to take off from Sayulita to further her studies in Yoga and Thai Massage. Continuing education is a priority for Alejandra. Learning new techniques and refreshing on ones already known is admirable.  So, for the next two weeks, until August 30th, she is running a summer special for one hour and twenty minutes (120 minues) for only 850 pesos! I have experienced her Sayulita Thai Massage work and it is truly fantastic!

If you have not yet experienced a Sayulita Thai Massage, you will be very surprised at how stretched and relaxed, and regenerated your body feels afterwards. It is gentle, loving and amazing! Now is the time to get your Sayulita Thai Massage. Relax, and feel good in Sayulita Mexico!
Click here for the contact form or her telephone number and make your appointment for your Sayulita Thai Massage.

Sayulita Thai Massage is relaxing and healthy; Try a Sayulita Thai Massage special
on the Riviera Nayarit in Mexico!



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Sayulita Community Summer Fun in Mexico

Summertime in the Sayulita Community

Its been raining now more than not as the Sayulita Community moves into the summer groove. The recent Riviera Nayarit rains are starting to fill up the rivers that wash down into the ocean. Not much wave action lately, and the surfers are headed out elsewhere, perhaps Burros, located only a few minutes outside of Sayulita off of the Punta Mita Road. Not to worry! There is still plenty of summer community fun to be had in Sayulita. One of the best things about the summers on the Riviera Nayarit, is everything is usually at a discounted summer rate! Check out our sponsors and click on the links that lead to their information and easy contact forms, and discover the Sayulita Community Summer Fun !

You know you love the Chica Locca Magical Tours!
If you don’t have your won SUP board (Stand Up Paddle), to try it out. If you would like see what that is like, if you would like to snorkel the Marrieta’s Islands, have fun sliding off an amazingly fun slide with a 10 foot drop, ride on floaters being pulled behind the Chica Locca and, reel in some big fish, eat delicious breakfast and lunch from Rubens Deli, plus snacks….and of course, drink to your hearts content, then you HAVE GOT TO come aboard the Chica Locca for a Magical Tour! Summer FUN is here, and the Chica Locca awaits you and the family. Everyone always has a blast on the Chica Locca.
Click here and use the contact form to find out about the locals and summer specials ! They also do private parties and are licensed to go everywhere on the Banderas Bay and the Riviera Nayarit ocean waters.
It is the best day of your vacation….or a great way to relax on you day off. Chica Locca….they are waiting for you.

Sayulita Community Kids Festival
TheAudrey Royem Sayulita Community Kids Festival is on July 21st, starting at 4pm, at the Cameroon Campground in Sayulita. There will be activities for the kids and the old kids (adults) as well! The purpose of this program is to bring the Sayulita community together and offer some summer fun to the youths in Sayulita.

The Sayulita community Kids Festival Schedule
4:00pm Stretching and Nutrition Talk
4:30pm Relay Race Starts ***Water FUN! Ocean Slip n Slide***
5:00 – 7:00pm Festival Booths and Hanging out.
7:00pm Group Activity ….EDUCATIONAL….UPLIFTING..
8:00 BBQ and Dancing…all dance styles are welcome!(meat and veggie dish. Tortillas and water are provided).
PALA FOX will be the DJ for the party! Come and get your dancing groove on! Everyone is welcome.
The Sayulita community is looking for volunteers, donations from local restaurants or generous residents to help make the Sayulita Community Kids Festival the BOMB! Contact Audrey on her facebook page Thanks everyone!

Summer SUP and Surf Camps
There is still plenty of action to be had on your surf boards and SUP boards. Sayulita Summer Surf Camps  with Costenos Surf School and Sayulita SUP Summer camps with SUP Club Sayulita are ready to take you and your family out for some fun adventures.

Click on the links and contact them today for summer rates and schedules for the Summer Kids Camps. …Summer fun has never been better!

Paraiso Bungalows and Yoga
Paraiso Yoga is preparing to close down for the summer season. Sayulita community yoga at Paraiso Yoga will have their last classes.
On Thursday, July 18th, Hatha Yoga starts at 8:30. On Friday, July 19th, the Flow class starts at 930. Both of these classes will be taught by Narayani , so come on in!
The Paraiso Bungalows are open all year around. Click here to ask about their summer rates for a beautiful jungle and zen setting Sayulita rental.

Body Restoration with Alejandra Montoya
Summer is here and things have slowed down in Sayulita. Most businesses have closed, and folks have left for the summer. ….but not Alejandra Montoya. She is still in town offering her amazing tow hour Thai Massage and also her Swedish Massage. She will be leaving in September, however, to continue her training, so you may want to schedule with here before she leaves. She can come to your home if you like!

A message from Ale.

“It has been over a year of me living and practicing massage in Sayulita, Nayarit. I am preparing to travel by September the 12th to Costa Rica. I am attending two more Thai Yoga Massage Trainings with a great teacher Itzhak Helman.  I am retaking the same program I already did with Rich Varney to reaffirm the basics and I am learning more advance techniques.”

Ale is also teaming up with a yoga teacher for some great summer specials. Stay tuned for more details coming your way!
Click here to connect with Ale via email or phone and find out what her summer specials are.

allSayulita is a town site on the Regional Network. LIKE our Facebook Page, thanks!

Discover the Sayulita Community Summer Fun magic on the Riviera Nayarit in beautiful Mexico.


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Sayulita Beach on the Riviera Nayarit

Discover the The Beaches of Sayulita, Nayarit, Mexico

There are several beaches along the Sayulita coast on the Riviera Nayarit. Sayulita Centro is the main Sayulita beach.  Sayulita is located on the Riviera Nayarit between San Pancho and Bucerias off of the 200 road. Globally known as the hotspot for its great surfing and SUP, Sayulita beach and waters attracts surfers from all over the world. Perfect for beginners and advanced surfers, the long wave breaks make Sayulita a perfect Mexico surfing vacation destination for the entire family. Discover your favorite Sayulita Beach on your next Riviera Nayarit vacation. Here are some of the beach locations and directions to the many Sayulita beaches.
Sayulita Beaches

The easiest Sayulita beach to get to (other than the main playa) is Playa de Los Muertos: Walk to the south (left when facing the sea) around the curve of Sayulita bay past Villa Amor on the dirt road just above the beach, and follow the dirt road left up the hill under an arch and through the cemetery. On the far side of the cemetery, turn right to the Sayulita beach Playa de Los Muertos. This Sayulita beach is very popular for families and a safe swimming beach. Huge rocks protect it on both sides making a lovely beach cove. Las Cargadas is the tiny beach past the rocks to the south of Playa Los Muertos. There are other little beaches here that are best accessed by kayak from Sayulita.
from the Sayulita plaza: There is an inland route to Playa Los Muertos as well.  Take Av. Revolucion passed El Espresso, (at the plaza) then your first right and follow straight for about ½ a mile. The road then turns sharp right and up a short hill where it turns left and splits. Go straight (take the right fork and follow the road for outstanding views of Sayulita and the bay; 5minutes detour) and the track will start downhill and soon enter the jungle. Two paths go off to the left for Playa Carrizitos (see below) and you continue straight on.
Playa Carricitos:
At this Sayulita beach you’ll find huge waves and it’s most likely that you’ll be alone on this wild looking, windswept beach. The homes here are well hidden in the jungle above the water. There are usually waves to body-surf or boogie board at this beautiful Sayulita beach.
Starting at the Playa de Los Muertos side of the cemetery, follow the dirt road into the jungle and take the second right turn. This is a 20 minute up and downhill walk.
From the Sayulita Plaza in Town,
take Ave Revolucion pass El Espresso, then first right and continue straight for about ½ a mile. The road then turns sharp right and up a short hill where it turns left and splits. Go straight and the track will start downhill and soon enters the jungle. (Take the right fork and follow the road for outstanding views of Sayulita and the bay; 5 minute detour). Take the first left turn for Playa Carrizitos. From the plaza it is a 40 minute up and downhill walk.

Playas Patzcuaro and Patzcuarito: These more remote Sayulita beach areas that take a bit more effort to get to, but provide stunning beauty and you will most likely find yourself alone here.
From the plaza in Sayulita, these beaches are an hour walk or 10-minute drive from town. Take Av. Revolucion (by the plaza and on your way out of town) and onto the road to Punta de Mita (Camino Punta de Mita), go to the right towards Huigera Blanca and Punta Mita. At the 5kms.marker take a right towards Playa Patzcuaro. However, there are no signs. About 1km. down this road you will come to a ranch. Just beyond there is a creek leading to Playa Patzcuaro.
The adventurous can also reach Playa Patzcuaro by climbing the rocks from Carrizitos.

The North Shore
It is also very important to note that there are RIP TIDES and currents on the north side of town in Sayulita. Therepicture of rip current are signs on the playa…however, many people have lost their lives being swept out to sea from a RIP TIDE. If you are ever caught in a Rip Tide, swim sideways, along the beach until you are out! Rip Tides can also have powerful undertows….so please, look for Rip Tide signs in the water, and for signs on the beach and do don’t swim in those areas!  Many of the beaches along the Riviera Nayarit have a strong undertow that will take you down, and can make it very difficult to get out of the water.
You can find out more about Rip Tides by clicking here to this post.

Playas Las Cuevas & Playa Malpasos:
 These Sayulita beaches are to the north of Sayulita and offer privacy, jungle hikes, white sand, and beautiful clear water since there are no rivers draining into them.Two miles north (to the right when facing the sea) of Sayulita, surrounded by rocky cliffs, this tiny horseshoe-shaped bay is perfect for lovers. Carefully watch the ocean so you don’t get pushed up against the rocks and washed away when the tide comes in. Access is by a path through the jungle.
Directions: To find it, as Sayulita’s main beach ends and before the house built into the small headland, walk inland along the right-hand side of the arroyo (river valley) and get on to the jungle road. Follow this north (left) and shortly you will cross a small river (dry in the winter) the main path looks to follow the river to the right but look straight ahead and you will see several large boulders. Clamber over or go around the rocks and follow the path across a cobblestone road (which is a private road from the beach-house to the main highway) and continue straight. You will go over a small rise and a dirt road will join from the right. Approximately 50 meters further the path splits, take the smaller left fork to Las Cuevas. The path ducks under the trees going down hill and you will come upon a wall, continue to the left past a small white graffiti covered concrete block building and over a small bridge. You will see the cove open up before you. To the right of the cove there are poorly maintained steps which lead up onto the bluff which overlooks the long wild Sayulita beach of Playa Malpasos.

Playa Malpasos:  If you are at Las Cuevas Cove either take the steps up the hill or walk up alongside the wall and down onto the long, usually deserted Playa Malpasos  OR to get there avoiding  Las Cuevas back where the path splits, and goes left to Las Cuevas Cove, go straight ahead down the wide track for 50 meters and through an open gate and follow the path as it angles left and towards the beach.
Directions From Sayulita:
Walk along Ave del Palmar (which parallels the beach) across the river, pass the campsites and school until it ends at a condo complex. The pathway can be clearly seen and easily accessed. Shortly you will cross a small river (dry in the winter) the main path appears to follow the river to the right but look straight ahead and you will see several large boulders. Clamber over or go around the rocks and follow the path across a cobblestone road (which is a private road from the beach-house to the main highway) and continue along the dirt track. You will go over a small rise and a dirt road will join from the right. Approximately 50 meters further the path slits, left goes to Las Cuevas Cove, you go straight ahead down the wide track for 20 meters and through an open gate and follow the path as it angles left and down towards the beach. You will come to a small yellow house in ruins and a cement block building in a clearing beside the beach. Come in the early morning or evening to enjoy solitude. Be very careful swimming here at Playa Malpasos, there is a very strong undertow. It’s best to just enjoy the playa and the view!

Find which Sayulita Beach is your favorite on the Riviera Nayarit in Mexico.


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“Let’s Growing” Sayulita Garden & Landscaping

gardenslanscaping                                                                          Mark's Bar & Grill, in  Bucerias, Mexico, a casually elegant concept.
“Lets Growing” Sayulita Garden & Landscaping is ready to create the garden of your dreams! Whether your dreams include an organic food garden with your own composting, or a colorful landscaping design, or both, Salim is the person you will want to contact. Sayulita resident and family man, Salim is an experienced architect and designer, landscaper and an Eco organic garden extraordinaire. Contact Salim for an appointment in your garden and see the possibilities and potentials of how your garden dreams can come to life with “Lets Growing” Sayulita Garden & Landscaping today!


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Pacific Boutique Properties

the-one-banner-to-useVictoria Pratt is a seasoned and trusted professional of the reputed agency Pacific Boutique Properties, versed in all the offerings of the attractive pueblos and beach communities of the greater Costa Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit areas—with extensive knowledge of the diverse neighborhoods of Puerto Vallarta and immersed in the north shore of Banderas Bay from Nuevo Vallarta, to Bucerias, La Cruz, Punta de Mita, Sayulita and San Pancho. Discover the difference at Pacific Boutique Properties Riviera Nayarit Real Estate today.

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Sayulita Massage with David Chavas for Mother’s Day

Sayulita Massage on the Playa

Sayulita massage therapists are amazing, and with Mother’s Day coming up, hiring a massage therapist could be just the gift your looking for!
Sayulita is a fun town on the Riviera Nayarit in Mexico, just North of Puerto Vallarta.
Artistic energy abounds in this medium sized pueblo  with cobblestone streets lined with colorful wall paintings; actors miming on the streets, people smiling and a whole lot of surfing!

Sayulita is a place where folks come to surf, boogie board and SUP, or go for an
Ocean Cruise Adventure; enjoying the simple life for awhile with family and friends.

Mother’s Day, Friday, May 10th

Where will you take your mother out for this Mother’s Day? The locals and tourist’s favorite Sayulita
O’ Restaurant
has some of the very best dishes in Sayulita, along with a beautiful and soothing ambiance.

Sitting on the ocean’s edge under perfect lighting with beautifully set tables, and professional service will create memories of a lifetime of your Mother’s Day dinner celebration.

Sayulita Massage
Another great gifting idea is a Sayulita Massage!  Just about everyone loves to be pampered and have the knots and tight muscles ironed out! We have an unusual and exciting recommendation for a wonderfully rejuvenating clay massage. Its fun to gift unusual and never before experienced gifts. If you have not tried this type of massage you may just want to have one for your self as well!  What ever you decide to do, it does not matter! Show your mom how much you love and respect her. Remember to do something special for you mom this Mother’s Day. She deserves it!

Sayulita Massage Therapist David Chavas
I wanted to treat my brother-in-law Eric to a Sayulita massage with David Chavas, who does the Benzonite clay massage on the playa. I know how much I loved his body work, and I knew he would too! David covers himself in clay…so he looks a tad dried up! But don’t let that fool you..David is a Master!

Here is what Eric had to say about his Sayulita massage experience.

“Well, at 56 you just can’t jump up and “git’er’dun” like you used to, at least I can’t!  How does the old song go…”I’m as good as I once was, once…” so off I went to get a Sayulita massage.  SONRISA GRANDE!!  I was very fortunate that my sister turned me on to David Chavez of Therapeutic Massage with Benzonite Clay (or “Con arcilla o barro” if you prefer).  MARVELOUS!!  Absolutely marvelous.  Oh, the aches and pains that I no longer have are legion.  He worked on me, smearing us both liberally with the arcilla o barro for 90 minutes – he found aches I didn’t even know I had, YET!  Cripes…he has the strongest fingers I’ve encountered on 7 continents!  An ex-boxer, David Chavas understands muscles, recovery, stimulus, nerve endings….and after years and years of study, both formal and informal he possesses encyclopedic knowledge of anatomy and various forms of massage – Thai, Swedish, Deep Tissue, the list is long, and exhaustive.  Extraordinary strength, knowledge, talent and a passion for healing is a rare, beautiful thing – visit a David Chavez of Therapeutic Massage in Sayulita, Riviera Nayarit – do something for yourself today! …and you have an masseuse of rare skill and ability…a rare mixture indeed.

You lay out there under the Riviera Nayarit sun, slowly warming to David’s work, your body soaks up the sun’s abundant energy (not to mention the Vitamin D) and David probes, stretches, loosens, rubs, kneads – and slowly the tension begins to ebb, the death grip work and worry have on your soul loosens and like a lizard you lay there, barely awake, flopping about on the table as David alternately eases your aches and pains, smears you with healing Benzonite clay, and douses you with cooling water that keeps the clay from drying out – it is the lubricant for the massage as well as a healing agent all its own – from mosquito bites and sunburn to serious issues like joint pain, skin ailments, and a host of other conditions that David is well versed in healing.  A parade of satisfied customers saunter by while he brings yet another layer of relief to your aching body.  They are universal in their thanks to David – many are on their way to the airport, they make a special trip to come by and thank David Chavez.  He politely engages them in conversation, all the while finding one more knotted muscle, one more long forgotten over extended tendon, one more layer of relief.  He is really quite amazing and during your next visit to Sayulita,Nayarit – you must, you really must visit David Chavez for his amazing Sayulita Therapeutic Massage. You may use his contact form for email here.

After this wonderful Sayulita massage, a brisk swim in the beautifully warm water off Sayulita, and a shower back at David’s washed off the clay and saltwater, and I was a new man.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the mother’s in Sayulita! Mother’s make the world go ’round!
Many Blessings of love!

Visit the Sayulita massage therapist David Chavas for an extraordinary Sayulita Beach massage with Benzonite Clay in Mexico!

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Sayulita Surf Schools Costenos Surf School

Sayulita Surf Schools Rockin’ the Spring

Sayulita, Nayarit is famous for its long wave breaks and beachfront Sayulita Surf Schools. Folks from around the world come to discover the fun waves in the hippie/yuppie pueblo of Sayulita. SUP (stand up paddle) and surfing are both local favorites expertly taught at Sayulita surf schools and are fun for folks of any age.

Sayulita, a local surfer hotspot, located on the Riviera Nayarit between Bucerias and San Pancho, is the perfect place to learn how to surf with Sayulita surf schools lining the playa. The South end of the beach has a nice sandy bottom with smaller waves for learning. Once you learn to stand up on your SUP or surf board, and practice standing for awhile, you can start surfing on larger waves towards the middle of town, where more advanced surfers hang out, and line up for the world famous break.

The SUP sport, or “SUPing,” has really taken off world wide.  The nice thing about SUPing is that whether you want to learn how to surf the waves, or just paddle around and check out the fish, its fun and easy to learn and the Sayulita surf schools are the place to get started.

I spoke with Adrian Rodriquez (better known as “Gato”) co-owner of a local’s favorite Sayulita surf school, Costeno’s Surf School today and he said: “The waves are 3 feet and perfect for people to learn on, as well as, more experienced surfers.”

In addition to being a certified Sayulita surf school instructor, Gato is a Champion Surfer, currently holding Mexico’s 4th Place Overall on a short board and sponsored by Vans. He is headed for Panama on May 1st to represent Mexico in the World Games of Surfing, starting May 4th through May 12th. We all wish you the best Gato! Represent!!!

Gato and David of Costeno’s Surf School will happily teach you to surf and Gato guarantees you will “get up” on your first day!  Instruction at Gato and David’s school is step by step.  You are coached: first on land, then in the water. The approach is completely professional and they are one of the few Sayulita Surf Schools certified by the International Surfing Association (ISA).
Located right on the beach in front of Costeno’s Restaurant, Gato and David are easy to find.   After your surfing lesson, don’t forget to try the local fare at Costeno’s Restaurant, I’m told they have the biggest and best margarita in town and yummy Coco Frio’s (cold green coconut juice), so good for keeping your digestive system healthy here in Mexico.

Sayulita in the springtime is the perfect time for a Surfing vacation!  It is the best of times, the famous Mexican sun is still keeping everything warm and delicious, the “small rain” makes everything green, and most “ex-pats” have returned home.  The beaches are less crowded, summer pricing at restaurants, rentals prices drop (making your vacation more affordable) and the whole feel of the place is just wonderful!  Springtime shines:  the summer rains haven’t begun in earnest, water temps are perfect, and the weather takes center stage!

Get your surfing groove on with this Sayulita surf school and contact Gato and David with any questions you have.  Ask about their summer specials.
Check out these inexpensive bungalows for a spring rental. Book your ocean tours for fishing and snorkeling.  You will find great summer Sayulita restaurant specials.  Come on down to Sayulita, it’s located on the amazing Riviera Nayarit; treat yourself to a Spring Surfing vacation. After all, you deserve it!

Discover the fun learning how to surf at Sayulita Surf Schools on your Riviera Nayarit vacation in Mexico.

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Sayulita Massage Meridith Bradshaw LMT Riviera Nayarit

Amazing Sayulita Massage with Meridith Bradshaw

I just received a traditional deep tissue massage with Sayulita Massage Therapist Meridith Bradshaw, and this woman works wonders on the body! I live here all year around on the Riviera Nayarit in Mexico now, and  I have been working way to much behind the computer, as well as lots of shoveling putting in a garden,SUPing and surfing when I can, and it all showed and has taken its toll on my body.
When I arrived to see Meridith, my back was in serious pain with a rib out by my scapula, my left hip out and a extremely tight neck and shoulders from hours and hours of computer work.
Now, one may ask, well..when was your last Sayulita massage? I am a big believer in body work, being a massage therapist myself, and I know how important body work is. I received a Swedish massage just about every week this season, but with the added efforts of the garden and work, it finally caught up to me and my body!

Coming in for a Sayulita massage with Meridith was just what I needed. Meridith has strong hands and fingers with a wonderful soft touch. Her fingers expertly found their way to the attachments and inserts of my muscles and released the tension in my neck and shoulders without making me scream for mercy! Her deep tissue work is amazing, and her 8 years of massage experience showed.
There is a big difference of skill levels when it comes to deep tissue work for a massage therapist. Knowing how to go deep without causing suffering, pain, and bruising is something one learns by working with a lot of people over years of practice. Meridith has it down!
Her work integrates a wide range of modalities from cupping, deep tissue, sports massage, Swedish relaxation, Reiki, reflexology or PNF techniques, depending on what the body is needing at that time.

Meridith will still be in Sayulita for a few more weeks before returning to the U.S. She is licensed and insured, and continues her on-going education. She is thinking about expanding into Rolfing and more structural work. It gives all of us in Sayulita something to look forward to when Meridith returns next year!

The best ways to reach Meridith for a fantastic Sayulita massage is to call her directly at 322-156-5903, or use this on-line contact form. Meridith is also available to travel to your home in Sayulita, San Pancho and the local surrounding areas. Do your body a favor and connect with Meridith this month. Why not give her a call today?
YOU deserve the best Sayulita massage!
“It is with great honor that I am able to be here in Mexico providing my massage therapy skills to people from all over the world.  I promise you are in good hands!  Namaste, Meridith.”

For great Sayulita massage, contact Meridith Bradshaw, Sayulita Massage
Therapist on the Riviera Nayarit in Sayulita Mexico

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Sayulita Community Events Semana Santa Arrives

Its time for Semana Santa & Sayulita Community News

On Sunday, March 24, 2013 Semana Santa officially begins in Sayulita, the Riviera Nayarit and all of Mexico. Semana Santa (Holy Week) is the week before Easter, from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday, March 31st.
Semana Santa is the most popular Mexican holiday on the calendar. This is an important holiday in the church calendar because it is the celebration of the resurrection of Christ, also known as Easter. Since Mexico is predominantly a Catholic country, Holy Week is a very important, and honored.
Many people and students are starting their spring breaks on March 22,  and workers are incorporating a week of vacation time to extend the holiday into the following week, creating two weeks of holiday.

Due to the fact that this is a national holiday for Mexico, everyone gets the week off, and they love to come to the beach, camp, eat play and drink to celebrate.  The beaches fill with people and in the hundred thousands and the tents go up along the beaches of the Riviera Nayarit and in the camping areas.
Many long term seasonal visitors are planning to leave, or have left already.

If you are looking for transportation to the airport why not give
VIP Transportation a try? They have 3 different levels of service to choose from with top of the line vehicles. Use their contact form to ask anything!

I have heard that it;s a great time to take off and explore the interior of Mexico, as those places are not as congested due to the many Mexicans coming to the playa for the holiday. If you are staying in town, stock up on food and water. Many businesses will closed for the “Holy Week” holiday, and the stores that are open run of of things quickly!

Sayulita Rentals
If your still looking for a Sayulita Bungalow rental try Don Miguel Bungalows, located across from the town square in the heart of the town, close to all the parties, restaurants and the beach. They have balcony views overlooking the plaza, private kitchens and baths. Great pricing, with new beds and furniture.
Or you may prefer a more Zen atmosphere at Paraiso Bungalows, only 5 minutes walking from the Sayulita Town Square and the Sayulita beach, a shared kitchen and discounts on yoga classes! A beautiful jungle setting.
Check out our Free Listings for more rentals, listed under the map on the rental pages.  We will have more coverage of this years Semana Santa with lots of fun photos as the beaches fill and the party ensues.

The Painted Elephant and D’luscious Cafe & Bakery
There is a wonderful new Indian restaurant in the Sayulita community called The Painted Elephant. It is the only authentic Indian food in Sayulita, and in fact I only know of one other at the PV Marina! They have a terrific menu, and a great buffet all skillfully prepared by Chef Anna Parkinson.
The patio and interior has been re-designed in colorful bright Indian colors, and the patio out back is the perfect place to eat. The Painted Elephant also has take out, and they also have a delivery service! Nice!!
Stop by to check out the new delicious Indian flavors.

The Painted Elephant will be closed the week of Semana Santa, but reopening on Easter. It is located in the D’luscious restaurant space, Gaviota # 10, and D’luscious Bistro has moved to their store next door, at Emilia’s Baking and Cooking Supplies, now called D’luscious Cafe and Bakery.
Darrell and Ivonne still own both restaurants and the bakery, and you can order from the D’luscious menu only with a reservation and be seated in the restaurant. They are also promoting their catering services, where Chef Darrell will create your dream menu for your party, and you can entertain and enjoy your company.

The D’luscious Cafe and Bakery will be open starting this Monday, March 25th at 9:00am with their new fresh homemade donuts and bagels with cream cheese and other options, along with fresh organic coffee at the same low pricing. They will be open for the entire Semana Santa holiday. And, as always, their fresh homemade cheesecakes and chocolate cakes…ohhh those wonderful delightful cakes will be available by the slice or whole cakes.
They are also selling the bio-degradabe to-go  containers and the cups at cost. The Bakery still has all of the great kitchen equipment and party favors.  Knowing Darrell and Ivonne, they will be making all kinds of homemade goodies. Swing by to say hello and find out what’s new in the Sayulita Neighborhood!

Free Eye Exams from Optima Every Monday
Optima started their FREE EYE EXAMS last Monday! A doctor from Guadalajara will be continuing to give free eye exams every Monday for three months from 10:00am until 2:00pm.  That’s April, May and June. They are giving the eye exams under the gazebo in the Sayulita Town Square. Optima is also giving the prescriptions to anyone who wants one.

The Optima team will be traveling throughout the Nayarit, Banderas Bay, Puerto Vallarta and the small colonials throughout the two states of Nayarit and Jalisco that help make up the Bahia de Banderas. The Doctor being bi-lingual makes your visit easy! Plus, through the government program, Optima is selling the frames starting at $150 pesos…a screamin deal! Frames for kids, women and men, a great selection of styles, colors and sizes. They also have their own line of brand name frames at discounted pricing if you do not like the what they have to offer. As far as lenses go, they have transition lenses, anti-reflective and glare…If you feel like going all out its around $300 pesos. Bifocals start at $300 pesos.
The work is guaranteed and only takes a week to recieve your glasses. So really, there no reason to at least go and get a free exam!

Sayulita is known for its great surfing, so check out the Sayulita Surf Schools and reserve your surfboard rentals and SUP rentals early and enjoy your Semana Santa vacation.

Enjoy your Sayulita Semana Santa vacation on the Riviera Nayarit,
relocate to Mexico for life!




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Sayulita SUP Longboard Classic Winners 2013 Mexico

Sayulita SUP and Longboard 2013 Finals in Mexico

Sayuita, located on the Riviera Nayarit in Mexico had a great turnout  as the 4th Annual Sayulita Classic took place from March 8-10, with the surfing and SUP events held on Saturday and Sunday. The Tourism Board of Nayarit, Punta Sayulita resort, and the Sayulita SUP and community businesses sponsoring the event, along with many, many Sayulita community volunteers making it all happen. Everyone seemed to have a blast partying and cheering on the competitors. ..A terrific crowd!

Accomplished competitors showed up for the Sayulita Classic from countries represented from Japan, Italy, Brazil, USA and across Mexico participating in this event raising the bar for all of the competitors,as the “heat” was definitely on! 11 medals went out to the Sayulita crew…Way to represent Sayulita competitors! Kudos to all of the competitors who did not make the medals this time around!

The Huichol Indians came and gave a blessing on Saturday, blessing Mother Earth, Father Sky, and the four directions, along with a blessing for all of the competitors. It was a beautiful ceremony as the Shaman walked down by the competitors and gave them blessings for safety and luck.

Sayulita is not known especially for “huge” waves, but rather good sized waves that have a long wave break. Saturday’s weather and waves were good, getting windy in the late afternoon giving the gals a go of it as they showed off their endurance getting out past the large breakers that were mostly closing out, trying to find a good ride.

Sunday the wind and clouds came in making for a very choppy surfing day, again, giving the competitors a chance to really show off their styles and endurance.

Highlights of the Weekend

The SUP Elite race was interesting this year as there was some confusion on how many laps were done, with Fernando Stalla doing a 5th “victory lap”!
It was a tight race for first between Fernando Stalla (below) and Ryan Helm, both from Sayulita.  Ryan, unfortunately decided not to wear his leash, thinking it was saving him some time and fell, his board getting away from him and instead losing a lot of time, with Stalla, winning the SUP Elite, Zane Schweitzer from  Maui Hawaii coming in second and amazingly enough however, Ryan Helm catching up placing third!



Ryan also took the first place for the Men’s 10K Distance Race on Sunday…wining a total of 3 medals this weekend…way to represent Ryan Helm!!

For the Women’s SUP Elite race Fiona Wylde from Hood River Oregon took first place with Sofia de Wolfe taking second and Bailey Rosen coming in for the third place medal. Nice going ladies!

Saturday Evening Reggae Recording Artist Mishka
jammed his Reggae tunes to a huge crowd playing tunes from the new mini album on Jimmy Buffett’s Mailboat Records, stating earlier that this weekends jam was also a “release party” for the new music. Finishing up about 10:00, the crowd cheered and brought Mishka back out on stage where he played several more tunes for everyone. SWEET! A good time was had by all with what felt to me a very peaceful and flowing energy throughout the large crowd.

Men’s SUP Surf “Old Boys” competition and kudos goes out to all of the medalists, with Chuck Trout of Pacific Palisades, California taking first place. Bucerias local Adam Finer, taking second place! Way to go Adam! You can find Adam in Bucerias at Pacific Paddle. (photo right  curtisy of Jay Ailworth)

The Women’s Longboard Surfing Competitions were tight, as the ladies rocked it on their boards hanging 5 and even a couple of hang 10′s showing off with switching, doing spins and tight turns. Sunday was windy with very chopy waves. These ladies showed their strength and endurance all weekend
Vanina Walsh from Oahu Hawaii took the first place, with our very own Karen Jacobson from Sayulita placing second, Fiona Wylde from Hood River Oregon placing third and Izzi Gomez from Jupiter Florida taking 4th place.

The Men’s Longboard with Zane Schweltzer from Maui, Hawaii placing first, Stalla coming in second, Tigre thrid and Ryan Helm placing 4th….the last three all Sayulita boyz!
Unfortunately, during the Men’s final Longboard heat, competitor Jesse Timm from San Diego California came in early pulling off his competitors skin as he came out of the water with a broken nose and a lot of blood, and what looked like a cut on the top of his forehead.  A life guard was in the water pronto ready to help, but Jesse was able and did come in on his own power.
I did not have a chance to interview him about what happened before he left for the hospital, but surfing can be a hazardous  sport. It may look easy out there, but those boards are hard, the scags are sharp, along with the rocks and sea urchins that can come into play if you get dragged on the bottom as well, making this sport one not to be taken lightly. We all wish you a speedy recovery Jesse Timm, and better luck next year!

Here are all of the final results. (I apologize for missing a few locations of the women competitors)
Please Click here for the entire Photo Gallery  to view 302 photos!

Sayulita Longboard and SUP Classic Finals

Men’s SUP Surf

(1) Zane Schweitzer   Maui, Hawaii
(2) Fernando Stalla    Sayulita, Mexico
(3) Guillermo “Tigre” Cadena  Sayulita, Mexico
(4) Ryan Helm    Sayulita, Mexico

Women’s SUP Surf
(1) Vanina Walsh     Oahu, Hawaii
(2) Karen Jacobson  Sayulita, Nayarit
(3) Fiona Wylde       Hood River, Oregon
(4) Izzi Gomez         Jupiter, Florida

Men’s SUP Surf “Old Boys”
(1) Chuck Trout   Pacific Palisades, California
(2) Adam Finer    Bucerias, Nayarit
(3) Roberto Conti   Cagliary, Italia
(4) Carlos Ochoa   Acapulco, Guerrero

Men’s Longboard
(1) Tony Silvagni  Carolina Beach
(2) Joel Barraza    Sayulita, Mexico
(3) Fisher Grant    Melbourne Beach, Florida
(4) Isidro Rodriguez  Sayulita, Mexico

Women’s Longboard
(1) Chloe Calmon      Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
(2) Karina Rozunko   San Clemente, USA
(3) Mary Osborne   (Defending Champion) Ventura California
(4) Erin Ashley    Long Beach, California

Elite Race Men
(1) Fernando Stalla   Sayulita, Mexico
(2) Zane Schweitzer   Maui, Hawaii
(3) Ryan Helm       Sayulita, Mexico

Elite Race Women
(1) Fiona Wylde     Hood River, Oregon
(2) Sofia de Wolfe
(3) Bailey Rosen

10K Distance Race Men
(1) Ryan Helm   Sayulita, Mexico
(2) Mo Freitas    Haleiwa, Hawaii
(3) Fernando Stalla, Sayulita, Mexico

10K Distance Race Women
(1) Fiona Wylde   Hood River, Oregon
(2) Brit Oliphant
(3) Sofia de Wolfe

2.2K Fun Race Men
(1) Hector Gonzalez   Sayulita, Nayarit
(2) Chuck Trout    Pacific Palisades, California
(3) Ori Icaza      San Francisco, (San Pancho), Nayarit

2.2K Fun Race Women
(1) Martha Diaz    Sayulita, Mexico
(2) Katie Mclean
(3) Stacey Griffin

Another great Sayulita Classic this year! Kudos goes out to all of the competitors!
The SUP and longboard surfers are not receiving  prize monies for this event, but rather the winners of the event will be going for the draw for the international SUP events. The main cause for this event is raising the awareness and consciousness concerning environmental protection for oceans and the wildlife. Funds will go to the Reef Check Foundation (, Eco-Diver Program and the Punta Sayulita Foundation’s children’s sports and development programs. Thank you everyone for your support! See you next year for the 5th Annual Sayulita SUP and Longboard Classic!

Discover Sayulita SUP, and Sayulita surfing at is finest on
the Riviera Nayarit in amazing Mexico!

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